Joomla Day Uk 2011

Spent the weekend filming and generally helping out at Joomla Day 2011 at the Microsoft conference center near victoria station. This is the trailer I shot together with Chris from 247tv and edited like mad so it was ready in the evening on the last day of the event.

Medical filming

I have recently been doing some medical filming and this is the result. The content is quite graphic after about 2 mins so be warned! It is quite medically technical but was commiseded by a surgeon for sugeons. The majority of the audio was captured on a ZOOM H4n but some of it was captured from a macbook and captured during filming so it is quite inconsistant (soon to be fixed) Filming editing and compositing was done by myself.

Short Martial arts club films

I attend a martial arts club twice a week and decided to cobble together some shots of the different aspects of the club to show online to help promote it. So the first shot is of the Kicking boxing circuit training part of the club which I wanted to capture the energy and spirit of the students and teacher. The 2nd video is of the Martial Arts side of the club. I slowed some shots down filming in 720p at 60fps (NTSC) which unfortunately caught the flickers of the halls lighting hence the strobe effect that was captured. More photos and methods to follow. This was all shot using a canon 60D and  Canon L series 24mm - 105mm zoom lens.